The Process

First meeting – an informal meeting to view your space or garden, get to know each other and discuss your needs, likes & dislikes, budget, fees and timescales.

Survey ** – a visit to measure the site, take soil samples, check on orientation, confirm what’s to stay and what’s to go, check access and utilities.  Photographs will be taken at this point.  For large gardens, further site visits may be necessary.

Second meeting ** – a review and discussion of the outline plans and concepts to ensure we are on the right track before committing to final drawings and plans.  Any changes will be taken forward to the final plans.

Final meeting ** – presentation of final plans incorporating agreed changes from the outline plans, discussion of any outstanding questions and agreement of any further support needed.

**  For simple consultancy, a report will be produced after the first meeting.  For ‘designs direct’, no visits are required

How long does it take?

That depends - on the services you want, where you live, when we can meet and complete site visits and how large your garden is - I will try and give you an idea of time after our first consultation.


Japanese wood anemones


oriental poppies

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