Planting and design consultancy advice given to generate new ideas or to tackle specific problem areas in your garden for example how to brighten up a dark area or how to create a more enjoyable outside seating area.  Followed up by a written report after the visit.  Charged by the hour including distance travelled.


Garden layout plan a scaled, hand-drawn, coloured layout plan for part or all of your garden.  This will show planting areas and hard-landscaping which you can use to implement yourself or give to your contractor.  If preferred I can make suggestions for materials to be used and contractors.  Charged by the size of area/garden.


Planting & maintenance plan a scaled, hand-drawn, coloured planting plan detailing the location of named plants together with a separate comprehensive alphabetical list which can be used when buying yourself or given directly to a plant supplier.  A maintenance plan will also be provided.  Charged by the size of area/garden.


Project support I remain available to answer any installation queries.  Visits on site or more extensive project support during installation are charged either on a time basis or as a % of the overall contract price as agreed with you at the outset.


Designs direct a fixed price online and/or postal service for more distant or simple gardens no visits required.  Just fill out the questionnaire and send in measurements and photos of your garden.  Layout or planting plans available.


Please call me for the most up-to-date price list and to discuss options.  Any of the services can be bought separately or together you may want initial advice and then decide to commission full plans.  A discount is available for a package of services.

scaled and coloured garden payout plan

scaled and coloured planting plan

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Sue Styles, garden designs and planting schemes

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